who we are.

Pam is a writer and communications strategist. Her career has been built on how to make information—particularly about technology—engaging, memorable and persuasive to both general and specialized audiences. Pam’s background includes 20+ years in communications, marketing and innovation.

Before co-founding Jensen Heath, she spent a number of years with Microsoft’s Strategic Prototyping team. In that role she supported corporate strategic initiatives by senior executives, producing vision prototypes that showcased emerging consumer experiences and technologies.

She also served as a spokesperson on innovation at Microsoft, tailoring strategic messaging for widely different audiences, such as executives, conference attendees, Microsoft’s top customers and partners, national and international government officials and legislative members, academics, internal Microsoft product and research groups, school children, and the occasional poet or Olympic gold-medal winner.

Pam has extensive media experience and has been interviewed by hundreds of journalists from around the world working print, broadcast, radio, and online.

Pam has coached hundreds of executives and technical professionals to be not only great presenters, but great communicators. She also coaches corporate communications writers in how to turn data and facts into clear and engaging writing that meets company objectives.

She holds multiple patents and patent applications for software systems and user interface designs.

Right now she’s obsessed with the attention transactions.

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